NetLizard 3D Bio Soldiers v2.0 S60v5 EN

[JAVA]NetLizard 3D Bio Soldiers v2.0 S60v5 EN
Symbian S60 v5 [i8910HD/5800/N97/Mini/X6] Apps
Symbian^3 [N8/C7/C6/E7]

Joseph Stalin is not expecting the World Revolution anymore. He is preparing for a war!

On Stalin’s orders a laboratory for bio-soldiers production is created by KGB. Bio-soldiers are gifted with amazing strength, endurance and other battle characteristics. They can destroy everything they meet on their way!

ABVER (German reconnaissance) finds out this top secret information. Germany is aiming for world domination and this new invention is definitely not a part of the plan...

German secret agent Hans Mueller equipped with unknown alpha-virus is sent to USSR territory. The whole laboratory and all its security personnel get infected with this virus. They become monsters and get out of control.

KGB urgently sends their best agent Ivan Molotov to destroy the laboratory and eliminate infected monsters and the German spy!

You are a soviet super-agent. One of the best KGB soldiers. Your goal is to destroy all monsters infected with alpha-virus and not get infected yourself on the way, get rid of the German spy and save the secret documentation...

Main characteristics:

- 3D graphics on any cell phone models!
- Complete implementation of 3D space
- technology of realistic photo textures
- 9 captivating levels
- 3 types of weapons
- 3D heights system
- Z-dimension implementation
- effects of dynamic illumination
- estimation of the space and premises’ depth
- illumination effects (flashes, blinking, gas and smoke effects, basement darkness and daylight)
- complete 3D texturing
- multilevel ceilings and vaults
- hiding places and secret rooms
- 3D level maps
- bullet and shots tracing
- “historic” plotline

P.S : Put both jar and jad files to same folder and install it via jad file for full game...

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