Nokia N8 Torrent Software

SymTorrent is a cool BitTorrent client for Nokia N8. You can download multiple torrents with this software and you can pause or resume the downloads. Torrents can be started from the internet browser. Remember this is free and it's open source, so please support the developers on their website.

Download Nokia N8 Torrent Software

ps. It seems that this torrent software can be found only at the link above, because OVI Store has removed it from its database due to some music copyright infringement.
Just in case you missed it...

The best eBook reader for Nokia N8

On my old N82 I used QReader, but that does not work so good on my N8. That's why I searched for an alternative.

Albite Reader is an open source software for your N8. It looks great, and as you can see in the video has plenty of ways to optimize and make it fit your needs.

Implemented features via Official Website

anti-aliased bitmap font in four sizes with over 850 glyphs, including latin, cyrillic and greek
hyphenation for 29 languages
23 character encodings, including UTF-8 and most of ISO-8859 and Windows-125x
animated touch-guided scrolling
horizontal and vertical scrolling
on-touch dictionary look up
units conversion: temperature, length, area, ...
portrait and landscape view
images and basic styling
color profiles
portable book settings
table of contents

Download Albite Reader Free for Nokia N8
If you are not pleased with the original Nokia N8 home screen, there are many apps that will change it for you. I love Voyager Home Screen because it allows me to customize my home screen with amazing clocks, start menus, weather and news, smart dialing, google, events and many more features. This N8 app also features multiple screens (just like Android) for me to change, and the transition is very smooth compared to the Nokia N8's original.

Voyager Home Screen (vHome) is the most powerful desktop UI on Nokia phones.Give you HTC Sense and iPhone style UI on S60 , and totally free! Powerful home screen features include: 1) Beautiful big retro clock or analog clock 2) News feeds and weathe 3) Put all your apps into neat pages to flick through ,like iPhone 4) one click on/off widgets: bluetooth, silent profile,phone lock. 5) send twits from home screen

Free Download on Ovi Store or direct download to PC

Nokia N8 Chat Software

You can use multiple free chat software when talking to your friends, but it seems that only a few are worth installing. So, here are the ones that got into my list:

1. NimBuzz - Free Calls, Chat, Messaging and more on your Nokia N8. Nimbuzz is the first in my list because it has a better interface and allows me to send pics more facile on Yahoo Messenger. Also features Facebook chat.

2. Fring - You can connect multiple chat clients. It's not that great when it comes to the interface, but it's the only software that let me make a video call. It uses it's one video call server.

3. Skype - You know what Skype is all about. What you don't know is that it does not have support for video calling on Symbian platform. That means you can only make audio calls on your Nokia N8. Maybe they will do something about this in the future, but for now, it's on the 3rd place in my list.

Nokia N8 is not the fastest smartphone on the market, but you can use some tips and tricks I'm using in order to boost it.

1. Don't use wallpapers on home screens.
2. When not using wifi, disable wifi search.
3. Disable/uninstall programs that autostart. You can do that using M-Guard
4. Disable programs that run in background. That will slow down your N8 and it will drain your battery.
5. Clear the browser cache memory
6. Update your firmware. Nokia always improve their OS from time to time.
7. For faster Homescreen response times, disable Themes Effects
Click below on OPTIONS - THEME EFFECTS and select OFF)

[JAVA]Green Farm EN S60v5^3
Symbian S60 v5 [i8910HD/5800/N97/Mini/X6]Games
Symbian^3 [N8/C7/C6/E7]

Have fun 'til the cows come home on your own Green Farm! You’ll never want to put down this fun farm you can take anywhere. Create your own custom character with clothes and collectables then raise yummy crops, lively animals and create produce. Earn money to buy tons of decorations and expansions at the shop, even cute tractors! But the most fun is making lots of friends with your AI neighbors and working together or challenging them to harvest competitions and more

Download to PC Clickshere

Because Nokia N82 was so old, I bought a new phone. Nokia N8! That's why this blog will focus more on Nokia N8 from now on. thank you for being with me so far, and I hope to gather new friends with the new Nokia N8 trend. I will post all the cool stuff I'm installing on my Nokia N8 more often. Download, share, comment!

Luomc GifTailor v2.12 S60v5

[SYMBIAN]Luomc GifTailor v2.12 S60v5 SymbianOS9.4 Unsigned Ad-Free
Symbian S60 v5 [i8910HD/5800/N97/Mini/X6] Apps
Symbian^3 [N8/C7/C6/E7]

Gif Tailor allows you create cool glitter frame gif images with your own photos or screenshots on your handsets. Tailor the use of GIF can easily create animated GIF files, with the following

- Support for screen shot
- To import jpg / gif / png / bmp / mbm picture
- To save a single picture to a jpg / gif / png / bmp / mbm files (you can achieve the image format conversion)
- Adjust animation speed can be a unified, single frame can be adjusted
can be very convenient to adjust the location of the frame all gif
- Support watermark, transparent color to pure white (255, 255, 255), can be used to support the picture as a watermark
- Support for touch screen, you can drag images to the designated location
adjustable output image quality
- GIF picture can be split

- Fixed part of the phone can not use the volume keys to capture the bug
revised some of the phone can not properly use the file dialog bug (mainly Symbian 3 handsets)
- To increase support for symbian ^ 3 models

Download to PC Clickshere
[SYMBIAN]SBSH Software AutoHello v1.01 S60v5 SymbianOS 9.4 Signed
Symbian S60 v5 [i8910HD/5800/N97/Mini/X6] Apps
Symbian^3 [N8/C7/C6/E7]

AutoHello allows you to answer an incoming call simply by picking up the phone and putting it next to your ear! Save that extra tap-swipe! It doesn't use the accelerometer so the battery impact is minimal (it uses the proximity sensor)! AutoHello runs in the background, and auto-starts with your phone (can be disabled from the options).

Download to PC Clickshere
[JAVA]Snaptu v1.7.0 S60v3 J2ME {Facebook, Twitter, Picasa all-in-one}
Symbian S60 v5 [i8910HD/5800/N97/Mini/X6] Apps
Symbian^3 [N8/C7/C6/E7]

Facebook, Twitter, RSS News Reader, AccuWeather, Guardian News Reader, MyMovies, Cricinfo, Picasa Photo Browser, The Sports Campus, Flickr, Trivia, Teletext Sudoku, Google Calendar, Score24Live, Dictionary, Reuters Reader, BBC Reader, UK TV Guide, Fancyapint, London - Journey Planner
Seatwave... all accessible now through one tiny free application!

Snaptu application browser boosts your phone with iPhone like user experience. Install Snaptu on your phone to get free access to the web's best online services.

The Picasa photo browser enables you to view multiple public and private Picasa Web Albums and search for photos from your mobile device. With the RSS reader you can read your favorite feeds and blogs from the mobile phone, anytime, anywhere – for free.

Now featuring new applications:

● Facebook application to stay updated with your social life while on the go. Never lose touch with your friends again - get live news and status updates, browse through your friend's profiles, read and write messages and update your status.
● Live football coverage, showing real-time game results, news, commentary, favorite tournaments and teams by Score24Live.
● Transport for London - Tube line status and Journey Planner

What's new:

● Bug fixes, mostly related to photo upload

Download to PC Clickshere

Necklace from NIAsoft 1.0.0 S^3v5

[SYMBIAN]Necklace from NIAsoft 1.0.0 Symbian^3/s60v5 signed (Japanese Logic Puzzle)
Symbian S60 v5 [i8910HD/5800/N97/Mini/X6]Games
Symbian^3 [N8/C7/C6/E7]

Necklace (Masyu) is the simple Japanese puzzle game.
The goal is to draw a single continuous non-intersecting loop that properly passes through all circled cells.
It has three difficulty levels.

info: sis, signed, Eng, Puzzle

Download to PC Clickshere
[JAVA]GL Asterix & Obelix encounter Cleopatra S60v5^3
Symbian S60 v5 [i8910HD/5800/N97/Mini/X6] Apps
Symbian^3 [N8/C7/C6/E7]

Join your two favorite heroes in the Land of the Pharaohs in their most dangerous adventure yet. The architect Edifis has come to ask the Gauls for help: Cleopatra wants to prove to Julius Caesar that her civilization has not lost its greatness by building him a sumptuous palace. Join in the fun in 11 action levels, from Gaul to Egypt, to help Edifis and unravel his rival's plans!

Download to PC Clickshere
[SYMBIAN]Spinballs v.1.00(0) signed retail
Symbian S60 v5 [i8910HD/5800/N97/Mini/X6] Games
Symbian^3 [N8/C7/C6/E7]

Spinballs is an exciting puzzle game introducing a unique gameplay. Rotate 7 discs so that balls with matching colors get connected. Tap fast the execute button to clear them and already plan your next step. Always keep a look on the time left and use the four helping extras wisely. Develop a good strategy to keep up with the higher levels. Are you ready for this challenge?

Warning: There is no EXIT button ... you can just close the game via Task Manager

Its a S^3 Game but it work on some s60v5 Phones (SGH 8910...)

Download to PC Clickshere
[SYMBIAN]Super Beach Spammer v.1.0.0 S^3 signed retail
Symbian S60 v5 [i8910HD/5800/N97/Mini/X6] Games
Symbian^3 [N8/C7/C6/E7]

This game is the legend of the three fighters that fight with each other using power wave at the evening seaside. Playing the game is simple; select direction, notice the wind direction and press charging enegy before firing the power wave. By accumulating a full set of "Power Gage", the player can fire the supreme "Special Attack" to the opponent!

Download to PC Clickshere
[JAVA]Hunting Mania 2 ML THQ Wireless
Symbian S60 v5 [i8910HD/5800/N97/Mini/X6] Apps
Symbian^3 [N8/C7/C6/E7]

You are Billy Bob is back for another hunting expedition. Itinerary in 4 beautiful continents and hunt different kinds of animals: ducks, deer and bears. With diverse arsenal: a gun, a rifle, a crossbow.

Download to PC Clickshere

Opera Widgets 10.00.451 S60v5 S^3 signed

[SYMBIAN]Opera Widgets 10.00.451 S60v5 S^3 signed
Symbian S60 v5 [i8910HD/5800/N97/Mini/X6] Apps
Symbian^3 [N8/C7/C6/E7]

Opera Widgets are handy program for different things. Through it you can chat on Twitter, translate in google, play in special applications, etc.
-Google Translator
-Math Workpad
-BBC Sport News
-IQ Test
and many more...
info: sis, signed, Eng, Widget-App

Download to PC Clickshere

For Opera mobile 11 download click this link
[SYMBIAN]TTPod v4.0 Final S60v5 SymbianOS 9.4 Signed Chinese
Symbian S60 v5 [i8910HD/5800/N97/Mini/X6] Apps
Symbian^3 [N8/C7/C6/E7]

Final version of powerful music player, now with S^3 devices support!
Key features:
● Full support for S^3 and S60v5 devices
● Special interface for control using touch screen
● Supported formats: MP3, AAC, WMA and M4A
● Built-in equalizer
● Sound fade, stereo widening and bass boost effects
● Support for skins and visual effects
● Ability to download songs, album covers and lyrics
● Online access to music charts
● Sleep timer
● Mini-player in background mode
and many more features...
What's new:
● New touch-screen interface design
● New image decoder, support all formats of built-in images
● More smoother volume control
● New icons style, more better and convenient
● Easy switching songs by shaking the phone
● Ability to stop playback after disconnecting headphones
● Increased Feedback function
● Support JPG images as splash screen
● Increased support for Symbian^3 devices

Download to PC Clickshere

SPP SlideUnlock v3.0.1 S^3 S60v5

[SYMBIAN]SPP SlideUnlock v3.0.1 S^3 S60v5 SymbianOS9.x Unsigned Full
Symbian S60 v5 [i8910HD/5800/N97/Mini/X6] Apps
Symbian^3 [N8/C7/C6/E7]

SlideUnlock (S605th special sliding unlock) is added to unlock a cell phone and desktop shortcut enhancements to the software, he not only has a wealth of Canadian unlock methods, but also the gorgeous interface DIY extensions, is that you both enjoy more than IPhone, Window Phone and other mobile phone to unlock more energetic effect of the sliding, but also unconventional. A variety of keys, cell phone sensor function can play in this software, plus unlock features are fully used, is that you can do can be done without touching plus unlock mobile phones.

Whats New :

1. Modify the automatic locking conditions, only the idle screen or slide to unlock automatically set the lock time of the effective interface;
2. Plus unlock sound effects to replace the default comparison for the more three-dimensional music section, low-key and calm feeling to experience better;
3. Modify the long press red button to unlock, or sometimes white keys to unlock the hidden situation caused by sliding interface, QQ front click directly to the problem;
4. To increase the skin background can select "Sync theme background" feature, use the sliding interface background and cell phone standby current theme has been the skin, this mode of operation principle of the more savings deposits, after all, do not call an at least 360 * 640 image into.
5. On the terms set some items were considered and adjustments easier to understand operation.
6. Revise and improve the 1.18 release most of the problems since all feedback and suggestions.
7. Installer integrates four sets of classics in the default skin. In which the skin of a new pirate (User sea ghost design - blue perspective - recording all his works).


" Stylish Skin By Kum4r Your Mobile Sliding and Unlocking "

Extract the archive in e:\data\SlideUnlock\Skins12

Part 1

Click to Enlarge image

Part 2

Click to Enlarge Image

Download to PC Clickshere


Download to PC Clickshere


Download to PC Clickshere