DJ Turntable v1.2.1 S60v3v5 S^3 Signed

[SYMBIAN] DJ Turntable v1.2.1 S60v3v5 S^3 Signed
Symbian S60 v5 [i8910HD/5800/N97/Mini/X6] Apps
Symbian^3 [N8/C7/C6/E7]

Play a looping sample with a realistic turntable. The sample can be scratched by the finger, played faster, slower and backwards. The speed of the disk can be adjusted with the speed slider, the default 1x speed can be obtained by double clicking the speed slider knob. Dj Turntable includes cutoff and resonance to alter the sample in real time. The knobs are rotated by moving the finger up and down on top of the them.

Sample selector

Use the sample selector to change the sample that turntable is playing by selecting the desired sample from the directory view. Following uncompressed wav-formats are supported:

8 bit unsigned

16 bit unsigned

32 bit float

The application will open the last selected sample on startup. Use the default sample button on the right under the back button to reset back to the default sample.

Drum machine

Play and edit the drum beats. There are three predefined beats which can be played and edited but the edits are not stored. For the user there are three beats that are saved to the device's memory whenever they are edited. Use the beat selector buttons in the bottom of the view to switch between the beats. All the beats are 32 ticks long and they contain 6 different drum samples: hi-hat, hi-hat open, bass drum, snare, cymbal and cow bell. The drum machine will play all drum beats at 150 bpm. Changing the speed of the turntable will affect to the playing speed of the drum machine accordingly.

Changelog v1.2.1:

- Added error handling to opening of external wav-files
- Fixing the crash when opening unsupported wav
- *FIXED* Playing of very long wav only plays first minute of the sample
- *FIXED* The application crashes with some wav-files when turntable is started

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