Skype for N82 Phone

Although you can use your skype account on different software (like fring), Skype has released recently a stand alone application for your N82 phones. Enjoy!

Download Skype for N82 phone
I'm sure all you Avatar fans out there will enjoy this theme for your N82 phone.

Download Avatar Theme for N82

YouTube Web for N82

With this cool Youtube software for N82 you can watch all the videos you want, access your account, upload videos, comment and so much more. It also contains a search function.

Download Free Youtube web for N82

Now you can cook all the good stuff with this cool software.

"Chicken recipes index, including Ayam Ingkung Bumbu Pedas, Chicken Fajitas ,Chicken Enchiladas, Ayam Bakar Pedas,Gulai Ayam Sayuran, "Ayam Goreng Renyah, and many more

Check out other our free applications at"

Download Chicken Recipies for N82

JMensMobile shows

* the number of days since the last period started and
* the average number of days between periods.

Entering a new period start date is straightforward.

Download Menstruation for N82