Spyphone for S60 3rd Edition

This application turns your phone into a full remote surveillance tool - however, you are not the active spy, but the phone will alert you whenever something interesting is happening.

the application will constantly monitor the audio level of its surroundings. If they exceed a pre-defined threshold, the phone will automatically call the agent. As a normal voice call is made, you can now hear the surroundings of the phone in order to judge if something serious is happening.

Note:requires Python installed on the device: PyS60
Spyphone for S60 3rd Edition

SPMark on N82

Nokia N82 running FutureMark's SPMark for Symbian OS.
The N82 has a Texas Instrument OMAP 2 chip with Imagination Technologies' Power VR MBX core with VGP.In fact the E90 has it, including all variants of the N95, N93, N93i, N800 and the new N810. The great thing about this chip is that it has support for Open ES 1.1

last.fm is now available on fring

This is great news for music lovers. Fring now include last.fm music streaming. What this means? Now you can listen to Last.fm music radio channels, including your own Last.fm library, direct from fring on your mobile.

Google has released a new cool application called the Google Latitude. This software is a Maps tool that allows for automatic tracking of friends in real time, using a laptop, Symbian 60, Blackberry, WinMo and soon, iPhone or Android.

If you want to know where a person is then Google Latitude is what you need. This software can be an alternative to Twitter. If Twitter announces what you are doing, Google Latitude can announce where you are. Google will go for visual, whereas, Twitter goes for text. 

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