Skyfire available soon!

I've read today on NokiaE71Blog that Skyfire will be coming to a N82 phone near you in Full Version. The full version will be available for Nokia N and E series:

“Nokia users, we support more phones on the Symbian Series 60 (3rd edition) platform. We’ve added the Nokia E62, E71, N75, N80, N81 and N82 phones to the existing roster, which included the Nokia E61i, E61, N73, N76, and N95 phones.”

As you can see, Skyfire will be available for Nokia N82.

Too bad the beta version is available only for US users.

The best game on N82

I am with Nokia since 2002, so I've tried a lot of games on my cell phones. Few months ago I bought my N82, and I just love it. Yesterday I found the best game I've ever played on a cell phone in my entire life: K-Rally. I like this game so much because it looks just like Death-Rally I use to play on my Pentium 1 back in the days.

K-Rally is a top-down racer where you are equipped with mines and rockets, and have several levels of upgrades available to your tires (grip), engine (speed), and armor (durability).

Leave a trail of destruction behind as you blast ahead of the competition. Make your opponents spin and crash as you bombard them with a barrage of weapons. Take them out of the race with rockets and mines. Win races and prize money so you can progress to the next level of competition for more fire action.

Video Calling on N82

I want to call somenone with video support on my N82. There are a lot of software for PC (like Skype) but for the phones, apps only support streaming. So you just stream the video from your phone to some website. Well, this morning the breakthrough happen. I'fe found TiVi:

This VoIP softphone, now with voice and video encryption.

TiVi Phone officially incorporates the famous ZRTP cryptographic and authentication logic. It's one of the first voice-over-IP programs that unbreakably encrypts audio & video even if you use public Wi-Fi, GSM or any ISP internet access as part of your business or private telephoning.

Until Skype releases a full client for Symbian with video support,  use TiVi.

Install TiVi

N95-4 screen vs n85 screen

N95-4 Pros: N95 has the larger screen

N85 Pros: N85 has the oled screen which is brighter and more vibrant.

The question I ask today is which one best represents the truest colors, and without question the N85 does.

I've tried 3 different themes on both phones. Then I compared them to the colors that are on my PC and each time the n85 best represented best what the PC was showing.

This is a battle the N95 can't win :)

This is one of the adverts for the Nokia N85 smartphone, which has dedicated keys for music and gaming.
Why N82 phone? Great camera resolution, xenon flash, great video quality, good music quality, tv connection, wifi, voip, gps and a great looks...

*easy to use, easy to update, simple interface... great device.

Buy Nokia N82 Smartphone (Unlocked) Save $260.99 (40%)

Top 10 FREE Applications I Love on my N82

The applications  I love for N82 are not ranked in any particular order. I still can't really figure out which one takes the top spot...

1 . Fring - Skype on your N82 phone.  I must admit I use this software the most! It also supports multiple IM networks, as well as custom VoIP configurations. For free! AND it works over via GPRS/EDGE/3G/HSDPA/WiFi. Great for those with unlimited data plans.

2. emTube - Integrated Youtube player. The best one around so far, and supports all data connections for viewing those movies on the go! Also supports downloading of clips.

3. Widsets - The best for providing Internet content on your mobile phone. Installing the application allows you to configure and add "widgets", which range from RSS feeds, email checking to addictive games. A must for the serious N82 Internet users.

4. ShakeLock - This software It's the most creative use of the accelerometer so far on Nokia N82 phones. Only downside so far appears to be the power user.

5. eBuddy - Offers IM services for many networks, including MSN, GoogleTalk, Yahoo and AIM on your N82 phone.

6. Google Maps - Although Nokia N82 has it's own Maps which is definitely as good as Google's own app, this is light weight and fast, providing maps on-the-go without the need to download for specific regions. Also offers traffic services for those in US without needing to pay a charge, otherwise known as a 'service-subscription'.

7. Conversation - Threaded SMS. You've all seen it on the iPhone. Very self-explanatory here.

8. Gmail App - Providing Gmail's interface for emails on your mobile. Looks better than the default messaging interface, and retains a lot of Gmail's features. P

9. N-Gage - It's brilliant for killing time. Has some free games too (Fifa 08)

10. Opera Mini - Much faster than the original S60 browser, and offering probably just as many features and functions, this is a huge must for those who surf the Internet. And it supports Facebook's interface for the iPhone, to a large extent.

These are my top 10 applications for N82.

What is your top 10? Can you complete this list with other software? Feel free to leave comments... 

N82 Build Quality Problems?

I've read on some guy's blog that he wasn't to happy with his N82:

"I still can not understand, why Nokia is selling such high-equipped, high-priced Phones and dare to put such horrible Materials on it!?"

I must admit that there are some problems in Nokia’s Nseries build quality, but the N82 is the most solid and the best-build N-series handset I have held in years.

I love this phone, because it combines everything I need in a stealth-looking color and an awesomely fit package. It gives me a luxury that I don’t think any N95, N95 8gb or N96 owner will ever have.

What do you think? Do you have an N82? How do you treat it and how does it look now?

This is a cool Advertising video for Nokia N82
Just check the Nokia site and it says for my N82 (0558752) a firmware is available. N82 firmware v30.0.019 is now available for Euro1 product code (0558752). If you have a different product code, it's better to not use this firmware update.

What's new?

- Auto-Rotation works better
- Music Player is LOUD
- Slightly more RAM
- Increased Battery Life

TASWYC v1.0 - Touch Any Screen With Your Camera

(Multi-)Touch screen is a very fancy interface. Some people don't have the chance to live its superb experience as it is expensive. So there should be a way to bring that joy to non-touch-screened devices. TASWYC is the way! The user moves object against camera then the app reflects movements to on-screen pointer.

TASWYC consists of two modules:

- TAS Key: A virtual touch keypad for writing instead of using the ordinary keypad.
- TAS Proof: A simple prototype of the famous graph game “Planarity” to test drag and drop.


General Requirements: Screen resolution 320x240, S60 devices, and J2ME with CLDC-1.1 MIDP-2.0
TAS proof:
Phone Model: tested on Nokia N73
Installation Memory:29 K
RAM:26.9 K
General Memory:1.9 M
TAS key & TkLauncher:
Phone Model: tested on Nokia N73
Installation Memory:86 K
RAM:26.9 K
General Memory:1.9 M

TASWYC v1.0 - Touch Any Screen With Your Camera